Video: ‘Miss Sue’ Tells Fellow Educators How A Little Care And Concern Pays Big Dividends

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BOONEVILLE, MISS. (WCBI) – It was a movie about a wealthy family’s role in taking in a homeless teenager and how their concern changed his life.

Although the box office hit “The Blindside” was about NFL star Michael Oher, it also showed the important role teachers play in the lives of students.  This morning, the woman who tutored Oher, and other pro players had some advice for faculty and staff at a local community college.  WCBi’s Allie Martin has more.

Just like her character in “The Blindside” played by Kathy Bates,  there’s no doubt which party Sue Mitchell supports.

“I’m voting for Hillary,” Mitchell said.

But Mitchell did not come to Northeast Community College to talk politics.  The retired teacher was keynote speaker at the college’s annual faculty and staff in service get together.

“I’m a teacher, and whether I taught elementary, middle school or high school or on the college level, I know the importance of the relationship between the teacher and the student,” she said.

She also knows the difference educators can make. Mitchell, or “Miss Sue” as she likes to be called,  tutored NFL star Michael Oher during his football playing days in high school and at the University of Mississippi.

Mitchell said it’s vital for teachers to get to know each student.

“We just make snap judgments about the value of the individual and we don’t take time to dig a little further.  If we, there’s a treasure trove of wonderful things,” Mitchell said during her address.

For example, Mitchell points to her most famous student as one example of someone who needed to know someone cared.

“Sometimes they’re rather quiet, as Michael is, Michael is very quiet.  You have to prod and pry to get inside Michael and some of them, are very outgoing and you feel you know them right away. But keep working with those who are a little bit quieter, because they probably need a little more help, even than the others,” she said.

The new semester begins Monday. Thirty five hundred students will be on this campus, faculty and staff have been encouraged to view each one of those students as individuals with unique skills, talents and learning styles.

New faculty and staff were also introduced during the in service meeting.

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