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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) — They may be a few years from graduating but some Mississippi State University students got a wake-up call for life after college.

For most college students, it’s about a five year trek to earn a degree and prepare for a grownup job. But all those classes don’t prepare them for life after college.

“We have students that are coming in and learning what their entry level salary will be for their major and then they spend it,” says Bobbie Shaffett.

This is the real world. Sort of.

Students visit 14 stations from insurance coverage to credit cards, all teaching how to balance their expenses.

“We’re encouraging people to spend less than they earn as oppose to spending more than you earn and do that for a long time and be bankrupt,” says Shaffett.

Through this eye opening experience, students like Rachel Buchanan are reminded how fast bills pile up.

“You’re not thinking about a kid right now or possibly every single bill you’ll have to pay because your parents are still helping you out. But once you have to think that $40,000 is a lot until you realize what you really have to pay and the things you actually have to focus on,” says Rachel Buchanan.

The child care station left the biggest impact on their budget.

“At first I had three kids so that really took a toll on my pockets. So I had to give them up for adoption. I had to give them to my parents or give to her parents or whatever,” says Joshua Robinson.

Senior Joshua Robinson now understands the importance of preparing for his future.

“You really need high education to make it in the world. You need to do everything you can to save money,” says Robinson.

If you’re a student about to graduate from college, remember life in the working world may be different than you expected.

One station help students find a second job to help with their income.

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