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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) Do you have what it takes to become an architect? That’s what high school students at Mississippi State are finding out this week at Design Discovery Camp.

Mississippi State offers the most advanced architecture degree in the state. Hundreds of bright and talented students participate in the program every year in hopes of graduating as a professional architect. The MSU Design Discovery Camp helps high school students decide if this is the dream they want to pursue.

“I’m trying to decide between architecture and actually going to a national art school,” said high school graduate Clay Stocker.
“They actually do projects that we do in school. It really gives them a good idea to see is this really something that I want to do,” said Danielle Glass, an architecture student at MSU.

Projects for this weeks camp include making a cardboard chair, drawing classes, and creating models of Starkville’s Cotton District.
An architecture degree at Mississippi State requires a rigorous 5 year program. Professors say it’s not uncommon to have students come in completely unaware of all the work architecture entails. The summer Design Program gives students a real idea of what their college experience might look like.

“It helps us out a lot that we don’t have students coming in and they hang around for a couple years and they are miserable and then they change majors. It gives them an idea of what studio is like. Because studio learning in architecture is different from a normal classroom,” said faculty adviser Justin Taylor.

Design Discovery does more than expose high schoolers to the pressure of architecture school. The program is designed to provided a more well rounded view of architecture as an art form.

“A lot of people don’t really understand what architecture is. They have it in their mind we built this, it’s in this little box. And it’s a lot more than that,” said Glass.

“You can design whatever you really want to. You can make whatever you want to and you can be your own unique person and express yourself through your architecture and artwork,” said Stocker.

Mississippi States faculty estimates that this is Design Discovery’s 25th anniversary.

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