VIDEO: MSU and Ole Miss Meet Halfway for Annual Egg Bowl Run

CALHOUN CITY, Miss. (WCBI) – Mississippi State and Ole Miss fans have been preparing all season for this year’s Egg Bowl, and the annual Egg Bowl Run kicked off the rivalry week.

The 94 mile trip made a stop halfway in Calhoun City.

The town square hosts events year-round.

For the last five years, it’s added this event to its calendar, a friendly passing of the Egg Bowl game ball.

“The game ball came from Oxford. They left very early this morning, arrived about noon. They made several loops around the square, and then they come in and everyone gives them a welcome. Then they exchange the ball off to Mississippi State, and they, in turn, run the ball and head to Starkville,” said Calhoun City resident, Pam Shaw.

For around half an hour, the square was a house divided between the two fan-bases.

There were chants, and there were cowbells.

Event organizers couldn’t have asked for a more perfect start to rivalry weekend.

“Out of the five years, this is probably the best weather year we’ve had. We had a wonderful crowd, lots of good food, lots of good fellowship with everybody. It’s just been another glorious day,” said Calhoun City Chamber of Commerce President, Laura Edwards.

Fans were able to get a first hand experience of the century old clash between the schools.

“It’s an opportunity that fans that don’t normally get to participate in bowl games actually get to come and participate in the rivalry here on the Square. We just get to come together and just be able to be rivals but also have fun and socialize and show them what a tailgating event is like even if they don’t get to do that in a ball game,” said resident Raven Hawkins.

Though this event was a little more civil than one you’d see in the Grove or the Junction, people still know where their loyalties lie come Thursday.

The Bulldog cadets arrived in Starkville around 6 o’clock Monday evening.

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