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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)-  It was once a place many called home. But with unruly weeds, standing water and graffiti, it’s now considered a hazard to this Lowndes County community. Lehmberg Heights has become more than an eyesore since it shut down two years ago.

Resident George Latham is cautious when he walks into his backyard, worried about animals and his crops since the complex closed. But for George, safety tops his list of concerns.

“I wish they would do something about this behind me. The main thing is my grandchildren. I can’t have them over because of the mosquitoes. They have so many bumps on them so I just don’t let them come over,” said Latham.

When the owner of the property passed away, rural development took control. District 4 supervisor Jeff Smith tells us other than boarding up doors, windows and a small “Keep Out” sign, very little has been done to clear the property.

“This presents a health and safety issue for this community.  Rodents and snakes, look at the grass being so high, probably 2 or 3 feet. Illicit activity. There’s rumors of drug activity and other things that are placed inside and behind these buildings,” said Smith.

Smith says the people in the community deserve better.

” Alot of the broken promises, a lot of out of promises about what may take place at some point but they have not done anything. It’s not fair to the citizens who pay taxes in Lowndes County that they should have facilities located in the community that looks like this,” said Smith.

George hopes neighbors and Lowndes County officials will unite to restore and rebuild his neighborhood.

“All of us in this neighborhood need to get together, need to come forward and talk because you can’t get nothing done with just waiting on somebody else,” said Latham.

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