VIDEO: New $12 Million Project Is On Its Way To The All-America City

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI)-If you look just east of Tupelo City Hall on the corner of East Troy and Fairpark Drive,  you’ll see empty lots.

However, a $12 million project will soon change the landscape of downtown.

On Wednesday, city leaders announced that the project is on its way to Tupelo Fairpark.

“It’s really a step in the right direction,” said Tupelo Mayor Jason Shelton. “It’s a sign of the vibrant local economy here in Tupelo.”

The site will consist of multiple phases.

“This new development is going to bring multi-use to this building,” said Debbie Brangenberg, who’s the project coordinator. “Several stories will have office space of course, but we will also have some first floor retail, restaurants, and a public plaza that we can enjoy for special events.”

The second phase will be similar to the first. It will be located directly across the street.

“From there hopefully when this is successful, other investors, the same investors will invest in the area to continue to grow Fairpark,” said Shelton.

City leaders are excited about the economic boost this project is expected to bring.

Once it’s finished, they believe it’ll attract more people and businesses to the area.

“It will increase our ad valorem tax base,” said Brangenberg. “It will increase our sales tax base, and bring in new businesses to the area. Plus, you always have to include the job creation that we will have.”

“We’re growing the city of Tupelo,” said Shelton. “New jobs, new tax base, no quality of life opportunities. Really everything you’re hoping to do in the city is reflected in this project.”

Construction on the project is set to begin right away and be completed by June 2018.

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