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NEW HOPE, Miss. (WCBI) -The non- profit organization Rebecca’s Room is giving back to those in need, one child at a time. Saturday a New Hope family was surprised with a room makeover that will help them care for their disabled teenager.

“At first I was very very hesitant because you know thats.. You’re gonna make me cry, that’s asking somebody to do something for you and I don’t do that,” said mother Sara Moellenhoff.

Sara Moellenhoff, mother of 15 year old Shelby was overwhelmed by the generosity she’s received from the community. After a full days work and over 20 volunteers from Rebecca’s Room giving a hand, the room was finally complete.

“We’re doing this room for Shelby, she was a normal child and until 9 years ago they had a bad car accident and she became severely disabled. And their mom, she’s a great mom, she does everything for everybody so we just felt like we needed to give back,” said Rebecca’s Room President Reid Carter.

Shelby’s mother Sara says it was a project she never got around to doing herself.

“Shelby is the sweetest baby in the world. There’s an underlining happiness in through everything absolutely horrible, there’s things you never want to see happen to your child, you have to see the good side, this is the means to an end, this is part of the reason why I wake up everyday is because of her because she needs me,” added Sara.

While the family was not at home while the work was being done, volunteers were able to repaint the room, widen the door for wheel chair access, make a handicap ramp and even dress up Shelby’s hospital bed.

“Kinda breath talking, I mean seeing all the cars, all the people that was here to help out. You know care enough to volunteer to do what they did, we’re thankful for that,” said boyfriend James Edwards.

“I was expecting like a different color then her old room. She got more room,” said little brother Tucker Beasasley.

The journey hasn’t been easy for the family but Sara says everything happens for a reason.

“It’s not something I’d ever wish on anybody else but I feel like Shelby is here for a reason, everything that’s happened has happened for a reason,” added mother Sara.

Shelby’s family was able to enjoy a weekend getaway sponsored by Rebecca’s Room that included a stay at the River Chase Inn, gift cards for Peppers and Longhorn’s as well as a day at Edens Spa.

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