VIDEO: Newly Elected State Representative Cheikh Taylor Gears Up For First Legislative Session

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- The new legislative session is less than a week away, and for District 38 state representative Cheikh Taylor, this will be his first.

Taylor said being the state representative for District 38 is a dream come true.

He’s taking over the seat after longtime state representative Tyrone Ellis stepped down back in June.

Though he’ll be a new face at the capital, Taylor is eager to begin serving his new term.

“I’m hopeful because I’m new at this, but I can tell you from some of the things I’ve heard and seen so far that we are in for a fight,” said Taylor.

Taylor said state lawmakers will have their hands full and some tough issues to tackle when the legislative session begins in January.

“We need to change our mindsets. We are fighting for last place when it comes to education, we are fighting for almost last place when it comes to economics,” Taylor expressed. “Those are the two driving forces that makes sure that any state Will be profitable, so those are the things we need to address first. That’s how we need to prioritize how we move into the future.”

As Taylor gears up to serve his first term, he acknowledges he doesn’t have experience working at the capital, that’s why he’s leaning on former District 38 state representative Tyrone Ellis for advice.

“He said man listen, don’t worry about that,” Taylor recalled. “He said you are ready, and if there is a problem that you see, fight for it. You were put into office to do a job and by God you are going to do that.”

The Starkville native understands the responsibility he has and is ready to fight for the people of District 38.

“I think the first thing that I’ve realized is that me signing or not signing a bill can actually destroy something in our state, especially in District 38, so I have to be very well educated in all of those things and make sure that I’m doing the things that are right for the public,” he said.

Once the new session begins on January 2nd, the newly elected state representative said he has a few issues that he’s ready to address.

“Number one education,” the state representative explained.  “We have to make sure we preserve public education and we fend off from charter schools, it’s very important to do that. Also too, Medicaid and Medicare is also under attack. We need to make sure that insurance companies are not walking away with all of the money, and that medicine, it should be incentivized for doctors to perform well, we need to make sure that happens and that these claims are not just being rejected under frivolous whelms. ”

The state lawmaker said he’s currently waiting to hear back from House Speaker Philip Gunn to see which committees he’s been assigned to.

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