Video: Noxubee County Socks It To Sickle Cell

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MACON, Miss.(WCBI) — Students, teachers, and friends of a B. F. Liddell Elementary School girl battling the effects of sickle cell anemia are in that fight with her. They are helping her to “sock it to sickle cell.”

A hearty shout out to a classmate. Elementary school students at this Noxubee County school are making sure 10 year old Sequoia Yates knows they are in her corner during her fight against a familiar enemy, sickle cell anemia.

“Ever since Sequoia has been in the Noxubee County School District she has been provided support from all her teachers, staff, and her classmates. They have been with her the whole entire time,” said Iesha Cotton/Teacher.

“Sequoia is going through a lot with sickle cell and, and she is still smiling when she comes to school. And she don’t even mention it,” said Jada Mason/Classmate.

“I love her very much because I know she is always by my side, I’m always by her side. She always going to be there for me. I’m always going to be there for her,” said Myakiah Wyatt/Classmate.

Her special chair in the room awaits her return from a Jackson Hospital. In the meantime, the patient’s little bodyguard and classroom nurse Armaria Clark is anxious to have her back in her place.

“Like when she is weak, I have to get her drinks and things, and when she is not feeling well I tell my teacher. Because sometimes she don’t want to go home, so she is very strong,” said Armaria Clark/Sequoia’s Classroom Nurse.

“For her to be 10, she is one of the bravest little girl I know,” said Iesha Cotton.

Now, the school district is socking it to sickle cell for Sequoia. It’s a fitting name for this battle against an unwanted foe. Not only is there emotional and spiritual help for the shinning star, the initiative could financially help her family,” said Iesha Cotton.

“Cause they are always traveling back and forth to Jackson. She is out and her mother has to be there with her the entire time, so she is away from work,” said Iesha Cotton.

“Sequoia is a really nice person. She doesn’t say nothing to hurt anyone’s feelings and she has a really good heart,” said Mason.

For the last three years the entire community of supporters have held an annual balloon release at the Noxubee Civic Center, highlighting an awareness of sickle cell disease.

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