Video: Okolona Assistant Police Chief Found Guilty of 3 Misdemeanor Charges

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HOUSTON, Miss. (WCBI)- Okolona Assistant Police Chief Romonia Robertson won’t face any jail time, but she does have a hefty fine to pay. A judge found her guilty of driving under the influence, resisting arrest and speeding. She now owes $600 in fines. Robertson was found not guilty of possession of a controlled substance.

Several witnesses took the stand, including the two Mississippi Highway Patrol officers who stopped Robertson last December for speeding in her patrol car and erratic behavior.

“Everyone should be aware that police aren’t always right, they aren’t always fair. And if my fellow officers would do me this way, I want everyone who’s watching this to be very careful. Very, very careful. I’m just glad it’s over,” said Robertson.

Robertson took the stand, defending herself and explained to the judge the reason she couldn’t take the sobriety test properly because of a back injury. She also claims that the law enforcement officers who stopped her hid information.

“Wen my attorney asked a question, ‘did you talk to a specific officer?’ she didn’t recall. But when we called it and heard that phone ring, that was a lie right there,” said Robertson.

District Attorney Ben Creekmore believes the judge made the right call.

“I thought we’d proven the case and the judge agreed. And it’s unfortunate we had to have a trial, but i’m somewhat please with the result anyway,” said Creekmore.

Although she’s still upset with the way things turned out, Robertson believes her future remains hopeful.

“Some tell the truth, some tell a lie, some pick through what they want to be seen, some pick out. But God is still in control of my life. So i’m going to deal with my back and hopefully get back to work soon,” said Robertson.


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