Video: Oktibbeha County Sewage Problem

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OKTIBBEHA COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) — A family living at a trailer park in rural Oktibbeha County say conditions are making them sick. But it sounds like the landlord is sick of them.

In the trailer park on P.D. Fulgham Road off Self Creek Road, Travis McCain says on a clear day visitors can see sewage spilling into a treatment lagoon and then into roadside ditches. And on a hot summer day, McCain says the odor is repulsive.

“All the sewage man, see it right there on the ground. I mean, then he got it running into the main creek. Poisoning all the animals and all that. The whole, everybody come to visit me, first thing they do is smell raw sewage you know. Coming out of here,” said Travis McCain/Oktibbeha County.

McCain worries it’s a health hazard and he claims medical records suggest the waste lagoon serving the six trailers in the park where he lives isn’t doing its job.

“And I been to the doctor several times, they had to give me drip for dehydration. They told me that it was from the raw sewage. Everybody in my home was sick. We got to pour bleach down our tubs and toilets and sink because its backing up,” said Stephanie Swindoll/Oktibbeha County.

“MY daughter was living with me, I had to make my daughter move out with me and go live with her momma because she was getting sick too,” said Travis McCain.

Trailer park landlord S.P. Prisock stops short of using the word eviction. But he tells WCBI News the tenants owe him money. More importantly, he says the lagoon is built to state health standards and is larger than required.

“He needs to get the lagoon fixed and he needs to treat them like they are suppose to be treated,” said Stephanie Swindoll.

Local health department officials referred us to Jackson offices. No one could comment today but McCain says they have been notified and are looking into the situation.
Pricock tells us says his lagoon maintenance is an ongoing process and that he plans more work when the weather breaks.

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