Video: One Wolverine Is Putting His Brand On The Football Field And On The Basketball Court


CUMBERLAND, Miss. (WCBI) —Brand succeeds on the gridiron and on the court.

The East Webster Wolverines have had a hot start to the season.

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A key piece to the football team’s success is quarterback Charlie Brand.

Brand enters his second season as the full time starter, and for him being a Wolverine is more than sports.

“It feels just like a big family here at East Webster,” said student athlete Charlie Brand. “Every one takes you in and takes care of you and cares about you. Not just themselves, but everyone cares about each other here at East Webster and it’s real special to be apart of that.”

On the field, or you can find him in the gym at 5 am shooting jump shots on the court.

His father Bill Brand sets an example for his son.

“He’s who makes me work hard as I do in sports, in life, in school, and trying to get better at everything I do every day, and he really motivates me to do that,” Brand said. “I’d love to coach college basketball one day some where. Be a grad assistant when I graduate and try to get into coaching and do what he did.”

A former principal at East Webster, Charlie’s father led the girls basketball team to a state title.

Bill Brand now is the superintendent for the North Tippah County school district.

Charlie’s goal is hope to follow his dad’s footsteps and become a coach at the next level.

Ron Price is East Webster’s new football coach.

Price is glad to have Charlie back to lead his football team this season.

“Charlie is just a natural leader,” said head coach Ron Price. “He does a great job. He’s been welcoming to me. Been open to developing my offense. Coming in helping with the young guys of the skilled receivers, the running backs. Just a natural born leader.”

Brand has learned a lot from coach Price.

“Every one talked about how great of a man he was, and how he’s a christian, and that’s a definitely attracted to me because I feel like that’s what we should do,” Brand said. “our lives should be based off our beliefs, and if we are a christian, that should be our life style. That definitely bleeds over into his coaching. That leadership skill that he has really motivates me and motivates our team to go out and play as hard as we can.”

The Wolverines return to action Friday when they host Strayhorn.