Video: Police Academy Hosts Open House, Showcases New Additions And Latest Technology

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TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – Police chiefs, sheriffs and other law enforcement get an up close look at the latest improvements at the North Mississippi Law Enforcement Training Center.

A 4,800 square foot building is the newest addition, it provides more classroom space.

There is also room for a new training system, to be added, known as FATS, or Firearms Training System.

The system simulates a realistic firing range, with targets. Students will even be able to feel the recoil of the gun.

Part of the program puts officers in real life scenarios, with actors on the screen.

“You can de-escelate on this training and use less lethal, primarily you can talk the subjects on the screen down to where they don’t have to do anything and that’s the way it normally would wind up if they trained properly using the right verbal commands,” said Rod Bettis, with Meggitt Training Systems, which sells and markets the simulator.

The Tupelo Police Department oversees the academy.

Chief Bart Aguirre says this event helps promote the facility.

“It shows we’re bring progressive in the facility we have here and we have a better academy, trying to offer more and better things for their officers coming through this academy,” Chief Aguirre said.,

Many of the officers we spoke with are impressed with the new additions.

“What I like about it, is they have added more on, before it seems they were kind of limited, classroom size, limited in doing a variety of training, expansion looks like they will be able to fill the needs law enforcement needs now,” said Oxford Police Chief Joey East.

“Very unique, something very different and think it’s going to be good not just for Tupelo Police but for surrounding areas,” said Verona Police Chief JB Long.

“We have one of the finest academies here in Northeast Mississippi in Tupelo that is unequaled across the state in my opinion,” said Prentiss County Sheriff Randy Tolar.

The next class for new cadets starts Sunday.

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