VIDEO: When Is A Prank Considered to Have Gone “Too Far”?


ACKERMAN, Miss. (WCBI)- We know how passionate football fans can be, however, a rivalry can sometimes go too far, just ask a Eupora football coach who woke up to a mess in his front yard Wednesday morning.

Imagine waking up and seeing your front yard with toilet tissue scattered everywhere, furniture sitting on the roof, and your vehicle broken into, that was the ghastly sight Adam Dillinger woke up to.

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“House was rolled with toilet paper, garbage can was turned over, garbage was thrown through the yard,” Ackerman Police Chief Kevin Stark recalled.

All of this happened while his family, including his 12 year-old daughter was inside the home.

Stark believes the anticipation of the rivalry game between Choctaw County and Eupora on Friday could be behind the incident.

“You know sometimes it can start as innocent, maybe throwing a few rolls of toilet paper and then as it progresses, property gets damaged,” the chief said. “Maybe the intent starting out was to just throw a few rolls of toilet paper but then things get damaged.”

Some residents believe things were taken too far.

Stark admits, while some pranks are meant to be fun and innocent, they can sometimes take a wrong turn.

“A lot of that is perception on the homeowner,” Stark explained. “Teenagers have been rolling yards for as long as most people can remember, but once property become damaged where it costs money, obviously most people would perceive that as, that’s going to far. Just the act itself to some, that’s gone to far, some one is going to have to clean it up.”

If a homeowner does feel a prank has gone too far, the homeowner can file a police report, and the person responsible and face criminal charges.

“It depends on the situation, but obviously If you go on someone’s property with malicious intent there could be criminal charges of trespassing, if things are damaged, malicious mischief,” said Stark.

So far, no arrests have been made and the investigation is still on-going.