Video: Remembering World War One Veteran

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EGYPT, MS (WCBI) – A World War One army cook brought home a 1917 Thanksgiving Holiday menu along with medals from his tour of duty in Germany.

That menu from the Great War has been kept as a treasured item by this Hamilton family raised in the Egypt Community. In addition to roasted turkey, oyster stew, 5 different kinds of deserts, and all the fixins for troops being trained and others engaged in military conflict. A keep sake is brought back to Mississippi by World War One Veteran, Eli Hindman.

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“He cooked, he kept something to eat. Something cooked all the time so if they were lucky enough to come back to the tent they would have something to eat. They wouldn’t go hungry,” said Hindman-Stafford.

Any army travels and fights on it’s stomach, and army cook Eli Hindman made sure his men kept up their fighting strength. Even an enemy raid and explosion that rocked the cook’s tent in Germany one day, did not deter Hindman from his mission.

“But when they finally dug to him and got him out he had both legs just fine. Nothing wrong, but a shrapnel in back of his neck,” said Hindman-Stafford.

After receiving several medals and his discharge papers, our soldier hurried back to Mississippi and married childhood sweetheart Donia Morris. From that union there were five children and about half dozen grand children.

“From the sound of it, he went through some terrible stuff, but I am proud of him, he was my world,” said Judy Weaver, Veteran’s Granddaughter.”

During President John F. Kennedy’s Administration, Hindman and other men of World War One were recognized for their sacrifice and service to God and county.