Video: Riders Preaching Revival from the Saddle


LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) –A group of modern day Circuit Riders making their way to the Nation’s Capitol shared their message of revival in Lowndes County.

The four horsemen from the Cowboy Church began their “40 Day Revival for the Church in America Today” in Texarkana, Texas on September 29th.

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They are headed to Washington D.C. to appeal to national leaders to return to Christian values.

Along the way they are preaching a message of spiritual renewal.

” We just really trust and believe in God that he would start great work in the lives of Christians as we move across this country. And we are just praying that he will start a revival – another Great Awakening – that might spread across the United States.”

The group is recruiting riders along the way, and plans to arrive at the National Mall on November 7th.