Video: Several Columbus Residents Become Victims To Phone Scams

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- From Phone calls to emails, scams are impacting millions across the United States.

Now, Columbus residents are finding themselves a victim scam artists.

Columbus Police say residents have fallen victim scam artists.

When you see a piece of mail offering cash, it can be hard to turn away.

“From people being notified concerning winning corvettes and BMWs to large amounts of cash and also being approved for things like 30-60 thousand dollar loans,” says McQueen.

Scammers inform victims in order to receive a prize they must buy a Visa card. Place money on the card and mail it to a specific address.

“If an individual knows that they’ve not filled out paper work to obtain a loan then you’re not going to get a local you’re going to end up getting scammed,” says McQueen.

Chief Selvain McQueen believes some victims aren’t victims at all.

“People often times think they’re going to get something for nothing and the only thing that you’re going to end up with is an empty bank account,” says McQueen.

As technology advances, investigators say always keep in mind, things aren’t a;ways what they seem.

“You can use a computer to do anything now a days. Even though you may see a phone number for a local law enforcement agency or the Internal Revenue Service, it doesn’t mean the number is immanently from that source,” says McQueen.

Police say if you believe someone is trying to scam you, contact your local law enforcement.


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