Video: Skills USA Champion Right Here In The Golden Triangle

by Victoria Bailey

MAYHEW, Miss.(WCBI)—One student’s accomplishment is bringing national recognition to East Mississippi Community College.

Nick Ferrell is an Automotive student who placed first in the skills USA Championship.

WCBI’s Victoria Bailey spoke with the national champ.

Automotive Service Technology Champ Nick Ferrell says, ” I spent a lot of time here in this shop.”

Meet Skills USA Champion Nick Ferrell.

“It’s kinda crazy I still don’t believe it even now. I never expected to be here I tried my best and I’m happy I did succeed but you know you always have that doubt in your mind but you’ll do your best, your happy with what ever happens and I’m just thrilled that this did,” said Ferrell.

After giving the competition a go last year Ferrell came in 5th place. Transportation Department Head Dale Henry says, that’s all the motivation Ferrell needed.

“So what we did was took last years score card and looked at the areas he was weak in and we worked on them all year. We worked a lot of nights, a lot of weekends a lot of communication back and forth, in and out of class trying to get ready for this year,”said Henry.

Ferrell says his daily routine also helped him prepare…

“Something that helped me out a lot as far as relaxing compared to last year when we went to the same competition is doing a lot of hands on work at my job at Mitchell Automotive and working on actual people’s cars. True real problems not on a worksheet. That was a big factor for just getting a good feel for competition,” said Ferrell.

Ferrell credits EMCC for the support they gave.

” EMCC gave me a goal. I went to state for a long time for like 5 or 6 years and just couldn’t find something kept switching through majors and just went and went and went and was getting kind of low on figuring out what I want to do with my life. Then I came here and just loved it here and had a great time and found what I really want to do with my life…finally,” said Ferrell.

Nicolas is the only EMCC Automotive student to win first place in Automotive Service Technology.

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