Video: Slugburger Eating Contest at Corinth Festival

[bitsontherun Sm5DAQLv]

CORINTH, Miss. (WCBI) – Top athletes from around the country came to Slugburger Fest this weekend to compete a unique competition.

The crowd was imposing and the contestants went through their pre-game warmups. But these professional athletes were not there to run or compete in track and field. They were there to compete in the annual slugburger eating contest, in which the objective is to scarf-down the most slugburgers in ten minutes.

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“It’s a ten minute all you can eat contest. Whoever eats the most at the conclusion of those ten minutes is the winner. Today’s contest is a test not only of capacity but of hand to mouth speed.,” says Matt Stonie, defending slugburger champ. He says you must train for it.

“In general it’s just eating you know. To run a marathon you keep running. to train for an eating contest you eat foot so its just a combination of pushing your limits, knowing your limits and eating alot,” says Stonie.

One guy who wanted to dethrone Stonie was Juan “Morebite” Rodriquez.

“Well leading up to it just stay hydrated. the last couple of days I had food the last time I think it I ate was Wednesday and just been staying very hydrated protein shake….just getting ready i mean I just don’t do really vy much.”

The contest proved to be very intense but in the end, Stonie successfully defended his title, wolfing down 31 slugburgers, to break his own record set last year of 30.