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COLUMBUS, Miss.(WCBI)–Groups or organizations considering purchasing specialty car tags to promote their cause, beware the process is not a simple as you may expect.

When visiting your local tax office to inquire about obtaining a specialty tag, know that its not a one day process, be prepared to wait a while. First your group will need the names of 300 motorists.

“It goes from the organization to Department of Revenue, the Department of revenue to the state legislature. And once the state legislature either votes on it or votes it up or down, then it becomes law July 1st of that year,” said Greg Andrews/Lowndes County Tax Assessor-Collector.

Prior to this past legislative session, there were about 185 submissions, including 35 new tag requests this year.

The cost to obtain specialty plates is between $31 and $51. Lets say a group is passionate about and wants to support their university.

“Fifty-one dollars is mainly the university plates or the high school plates. $42 of that $51 goes to the university or high school, $7 goes to the Department of Revenue, and $2 goes to the counties,” said Greg Andrews.

There is a measure of pride in displaying tags with a personal design and individual message. The group however must be convinced the outcome is worth the special privilege of showing off these special plates.

“On some of the organizations they get don’t have anything involved in it except the design, but some organizations like the Burn Center, they get the $42 right up front. So on some organizations it is some organizations it doesn’t benefit them,” said Greg Andrews.

The final lap in the race to obtaining a specialty tag ends at your local tax office where it takes seven business days to get the desired one of a kind item.

{***ON CAM TAG***}

Vanity plates are different from specialty tags. In Mississippi, vanity plates are rented yearly at a cost of 31 dollars per vehicle.

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