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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- The Starkville Board of Trustees approved District 2 Supervisor Orlando Trainer’s request to transfer his children from Oktibbeha County Schools to Starkville, but that doesn’t mean everyone will get that chance.

The board unanimously voted to allow Trainer’s children into the school district stating since he’s now an employee of the district, his children have access to the schools.

Shortly after the vote a mother, Tamika Cattledge, also asked the board to allow her child to transfer districts, but the board voted no and she was denied.

The board says they care about the education of every child, but say, economically, even if there were a small amount of students transferring, it will drain the district.

Cattledge thinks it’s unfair.

“I thought back to when they just finished talking about how much money they received for these certain grants to put these laptop computers in these classrooms and every classroom in the school. Okay, I was just calculating in my head, like over $3,000 and you’re telling me it costs $7,000 per child to transfer to this school. How many children can we transfer to this school with the funding you just got. Starkville High has boards on the walls for their kids. Our kids are still using the TV’s that you roll on the TV stand. Discrimination! It may not be the right word but that’s what I’m gonna call it,” says Cattledge.

In order to transfer school districts, both the departing district and the district you want to enter have to agree to the transfer.

Cattledge says even though she was denied, she’ll continue trying to get her child a better education.


  • Anonymous

    I fell like there have been several problems with the Oktibbeha County Schools since they consolidated the Sturgis and Maben schools. The Sturgis school buildings have gone down hill and residents from the area have either moved or send their children to other schools for a better education. Also this was a mistake in the form of the childrens safety because of the amount of school traffic on the Sturgis-Maben road, that needs to be addressed.
    The schools should be back like they were, everything was fine then why did a supervisor from Maben with kids in that school have to bring down both schools. I send my children to an Academy and pay for their education. I have always wanted to live in Sturgis and sending my kids to another school shouldn’t be what I have to do to live there but I have to for their education and safety.
    As for special priviledges, I think Mr. Trainer needs to pay SSD taxes if he sends his children there whether he works there or not. This is a way for his children to get a better eduacation but he should be taxed like every other normal citizen that lives in the SSD.

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