Video: Starkville Pharmacy Provides Training for Local Students

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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – A Starkville pharmacy that prides itself on customer service continues to pay it forward. Baze Pharmacy is now providing training for the next generation of medical professionals.

“You realize just what you do back there. It’s not just a thought. You’re actually on the front line,” says Keely Russell, a junior at Mississippi School for Math and Science. Russell is already learning what it takes to be pharmacist at Baze Pharmacy.

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Athelia Eze has owned the store since 2006 and started mentoring students last year.

“It helps them actually get a grip on what it’s like to own a pharmacy first and what it’s like to serve the public. That’s very very important because not everybody has the personality to serve the public,” says Eze.

This year Eze works with four high school and college interns. They say it’s great training that helps them learn how to talk with patients.

“Communications skills have definitely improved as far as communicating with young and older people,” says pharmacy technician, Lynkoln Long.

“It’s very helpful for me because I learned a lot about the drugs, customer interactions and also how to deal with insurance companies,” says Thomas Malone, a Baze Pharmacy technician.

“She taught me a lot about medicine and a lot about how to give back to the community,” says student technician, Donterius Jordan.

Eze also mentors the next generation of doctors and medical administrators.

“I also have medical students too. Pre-med students and business students that I put on Dr. Eze’s side. I mentor them as well. Tell them how to work in an office, how to get ready for the world. It’s a resume booster if you ask me,” says Eze.

Eze specializes in diabetic care and delivers to local patients. Baze Pharmacy started as a clinic in 2001.