Video: Starkville School District Grows In Numbers

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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Looks like the Starkville school district needs more space. They’ve seen a 5% increase in student enrollment over the past 2 years.

More students, means more teachers, more books, and more space needed. The Starkville school district is growing, and administrators are making sure they have a long term plan.

“In the next 5 years were going to see an increase from roughly 40 to 50 to 400 students and that could have an impact on this building, it could have an impact on out grade structure because we really don’t have any place left to grow here,” said Starkville Superintendent Dr. Lewis Holloway.

Student growth is affecting schools all over the district, but classroom space, particularly in elementary schools, is becoming an issue.

“We would have to utilize every possible space that we have in the building, we would even maybe have to combine classes. Hopefully, I’m sure Dr. Holloway would make sure we have adequate staff to properly serve our children. He allowed me to hire 8 assistants who help with the interventions and tutoring for 1st grade,” said Sudduth Elementary Principal Lisa Thompson.

If the amount of students keeps growing at the same rate, Sudduth Elementary will need at least 6 more classrooms.

“Long term over the next 10 years the district does need to thank about building another building, and whether that’s going to be a middle school or some hybrid but I think in 10 years we’ll need another building,” added Dr. Holloway.

Administrators will further discuss what needs to be done, but for now faculty will have to manage with what they have.

“The largest challenge that I’m being faced with is going to be space, physical space,” said Prinicpal Thompson.

The Starkville School District Superintendent tells us a strategic planning team will meet in January to formulate a 10 year plan.

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