Video: Student Athlete of the Week: Angel Guyton, Smithville HS, Softball

[syndicaster id=’5996209′] SMITHVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) — Angel Guyton has been a part of the Smithville softball program since her seventh grade year. Now in her junior year Guyton is focused on winning her sixth state title. WCBI’s Jonathan Flippo has more with this week’s student athlete of the week.

Angel Guyton was in sixth grade when her school and her entire community was wiped out.

An f-5 tornado hit Smithville in April of 2011.

During the spring of the 2011 fast-pitch playoffs the softball team had to use Amory’s facilities to practice and play their playoff games.

That fall as a seventh grade player Guyton won her first state title in slow-pitch.

“It was different to be honest especially not playing at home and having to play somewhere else, but I mean our fans follow us everywhere. They are always behind us, our community’s behind us. It was just great and it felt great and it gave us a little bit boost of confidence and a reason to not give up as a community,” said Student Athlete Angel Guyton.

“It just wasn’t home for us and when we got back home in the fall of 2011, after all these girls had gone through it was just an amazing feeling to come back an win a championship in 2011 in the fall. Just brings something back to Smithville to the community, to the people that support us and all the fans there,” said Head Coach Jeremy Duke.

“Angel Guyton has won five state championships for the Smithville softball program. She’s won three in slow-pitch and two in fast pitch and to win another one she says it would be huge for the Smithville community,” said WCBI’s Jonathan Flippo.

“It would be really great to prove them wrong and everybody else wrong that doubted us and the team that we are because they don’t see practice everyday that we see and know the athletes that we know,” Guyton said.

Guyton is involved in the Beta Club, F-C-A, and other school groups. Her grades are the most important to her, taking advance courses while carrying a 3.8 overall GPA. Her teammates and coach see her as a leader in the classroom and on the field.

“Angel has been huge for us especially for the last five years. She’s been starting since the seventh grade. She’s played three different positions on all five state championship teams, so she’s been an asset to us,” Coach Duke said.

“I’ve played with her since we were little and just growing up with her has been an experience and having her there leading us even though she’s my same age. She’s a leader on this team,” said teammate Katie Beth Williams.

The Smithville softball team will return to action Thursday when they travel to face Caledonia.



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