Student Athlete of the Week: Dalton Outz, Central Academy HS Boys Basketball

MACON, Miss. (WCBI) — Small private schools in Northeast Mississippi often aren’t sports power houses. and their athletes often have to wear many hats. The Central Academy Vikings in Macon haven’t won a boys basketball game in more than two years, but senior point guard Dalton Outz hopes to do his part to change that and coach Michael Dawkins says the senior may be up to the task.

“Dalton always keeps everybody in check and also pushes everybody not so hard where they dislike him so everybody follows his lead,” said Head Basketball Coach Michael Dawkins.

Teammate Colby Robbins says Dalton is a great motivator.

“He puts a lot more points on the board and he’s helped out on the dribbling, getting the ball down the court and is helping the whole team out,” said teammate Kolby Robbins.

Leading teams is nothing new to Dalton. with only 11 people in his class and 81 in the entire school, he almost has to. He quarterbacked the football team and plays four positions in baseball, but he’s also a whiz in the classroom. His favorite subjects are Pre-Calculus and Chemistry. He hopes to make a career as a Chemical Engineer.

“It comes easy to me. It’s natural. it really doesn’t seem that hard to me. Chemistry was relatively easy to me and I like Math. I always wanted to be a chemical engineer for a long time and I knew I was going be an engineer and was it was hard deciding which one and Chemical Engineering stuck out to me,” said Dalton Outz.

But he understands the importance of a lighter side.

“He’s really smart, but he’s got the other side to him. He’s goofy and goofs around and stuff, but he will get back serious and get back smart in the books,” said Robbins.

He is the son of Kay and Wayne Outz. she is a 1976 graduate of Kemper Academy and dad a 1976 graduate of Central Academy.

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