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MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)–Some say you don’t know who you are until you know where you came from.

That’s why millions of people each year invest in online sites such as ancestry.com to learn more about their family heritage.

“We had heard an old story that my husband was related to Elvis Presley so we started working on it to find out how he was related to him,” says Patricia Worthey.

Jesse and Patricia Worthey have spent the last 30 years researching their family tree. Turns out, I am on one of the branches.

With the help from other family members and online databases, the Worthey family has traced their ancesters back to the 1700s.

James Worthey fought in the Civil War. According to combat documents, he lost his arm, and crawled 15 miles to find help. He was also my Great Great Grandfather.

“I thought that was way just very interesting to see his grit and determination. Wounded his arm blown off and come home and had to farm and make a living to feed his children,” says Worthey.

Worthey believes knowing your family history can impact your future.

“I think when you learn about yourself and your family especially younger kids coming up it gives you more grit and determination to succeed in life,” says Worthey.

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  • Martha Edwards

    I loved the “Growing Interest of Genealogy” segment. My family has been searching our genealogy and have found some very interesting facts. One being that they were brought here from Virginia as slaves, returned to Virginia and came back after the Civil War to Monroe and Chickasaw Counties, Mississippi as sharecroppers and made their homes here. We have probate records listing them as property and their monetary values while they were slaves. We also have Freedmen’s Bureau Records transportation lists showing when they returned to Mississippi in 1865. Thank you for airing that segment it was great.

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