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GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI) -If your car has mysteriously vanished in the Golden Triangle in the last couple of months, it might have been towed away and sold to a scrap yard.

It’s there one second and gone the next….

“I tell you it kinda make me mad, because they didn’t have no business on my property,” said victim Robert Neal.

Robert Neal left two of his cars parked at his Macon home. When he noticed they were gone, the last thing he thought was that they would be sold for scrap.

“Initially I thought maybe one of my brother or somebody might have came over there and moved them and moved them into another spot, so I looked over the property and they were nowhere to be seen,” adds Neal.

19 year old Quincy Holmes of Brooksville is under arrest. Investigators think he stole vehicles in Starkville, Macon and Columbus. So far, he faces two counts of Grand Larceny. As for Neal’s cars, they’ve been crushed, cut to pieces, or both..

“It was my daughters car and I just happen to get it to take it to the shop and have it fixed. All it needed was a sensor in it, but well now we need another car,” said Neal.

Authorities say scrap yards need to have stronger guidelines when buying material, so crooks can’t pass off stolen vehicles as their own.

“There really isn’t any strong regulations on when they bring these vehicles in, they mostly go by sight. A lot of time when they do take them in they might bust a window out, take all the windows out, flatten all the tires, you know make it look like a junk car,” said Chief Lucious Mason of the Macon Police Department.

Macon police are looking for another person of interest in connection to the crimes. He is 21 year old Demarcus Swanigan. If you have any information on Swanigan’s whereabouts, call Macon Police or Golden Triangle Crime Stoppers.

Authorities say they can help patrol if you advise them where you’re leaving your unattended cars.


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