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ITAWAMBA COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- If pennies add up to dollars, it makes good cents that an Itawamba County School in conjunction with The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, would collect coins for a worthy cause.  Some kind hearted people are adding new meaning to the Twelve Days of Christmas.  About12 days ago, students at Tremont Attendance Center began collecting pennies, then nickles, dimes, and then quarters.  To their way of thinking, a penny saved is a penny earned….so they can turn around and give it to someone else.   “We feel it, not only as a good deed, but also as Christians to help our brothers and sisters out that are in need,” said Jacob Pharr, Tremont High Junior.  “I feel like I could always give more than I do. But I usually try to give those change that I have in my car or in my pocket, anything if I have any on me. Especially, I definitely give it,” said Shayla Peden, Tremont High Senior.  Every year for the last four years, the entire Tremont student body has collected about 700 dollars to be given out around this time to the less fortunate among them.  “Looking around our school we saw a lot of students that had needs. And especially if you start thinking around Christmas time, there are so many kids that don’t get a Christmas gift. So we wanted to be able to use the money to help students at our school,” said Brady Ramey, Athletic Director.  “I just, contributed of roughly at least 20lbs of pennies to my teacher today. In a pickle jar,” said Brittany Brown, Tremon High Senior.  “Yes I did every day when I came in from break, I would contribute all the change I had in my pockets,” said Audrey Yielding, Tremont High Attendance Center.  With only 300 students in grades K through twelve, no small feat for such a few students who are in competition, to see which class will get top honors and bragging rights, making sure someone else is blessed.  Also a drive adopting a five dollar stuffed reindeer brought in even more money for the cause.  “Cause Christmas is part of caring and caring is sharing,” said Brown.  “I’m so glad that, we’re so blessed to live in such a giving community like this where everyone cares so much and we really pull together to help those who need it,” said Yielding.  Many of the students have been collecting for the effort all year long.  At the end of the 12 day period of coin collections for the needy, the teacher and class raising the most money is getting a big free breakfast.


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