Video: Tupelo Boys and Girls Clubs Honor Volunteers and Kick Off Campaign

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Tupelo, Miss. (WCBI) – It was an opportunity to honor some locals who make a difference everyday in the community. An annual awards breakfast highlighted volunteers and young people who aren’t afraid of hard work and selfless service. WCBI’s Allie Martin has more.

Adults, high school students and children gathered at the Northside Boys and Girls Club .

“It’s called Champions for Youth breakfast”

For the fourth year, champions were honored for their service and dedication. It’s an opportunity to personally thank those who give financially so both Boys and Girls Clubs in Tupelo can make a difference in so many young lives.

“The donations we get from the parents does not meet nearly the amount it takes to do the services we do so without the financial support the doors would close and we would not be able to serve the 150 members we serve here in Tupelo, everyday.”

It was also an opportunity to recognize high school seniors who chose to help the Boys and Girls Clubs through senior projects.  One of those projects connected members at the Haven Acres Club with senior citizens living at the Greenhouses at Traceway.  The other project involved high school seniors painting the Northside gym. It took 25 gallons of donated paint, and some help from adult mentors.

“I’m about supporting kids to help mold their future, Boys and Girls Clubs is one that I love, my granddaughter goes to Boys and Girls Club , proud of it when they said they wanted to do Boys and Girls Club, I was jumping because that would mean a lot to me.”

“It was very rewarding and we are proud to help the Boys and Girls Club because it’s a great cause.”

“The Boys and Girls Club, it’s a big organization and it’s just a real blessing to be recognized by them, it’s an honor.”

Whether they’re volunteers, financial supporters, or both, everyone at this breakfast is helping the Boys and Girls Club transform young lives everyday. In Tupelo I’m Allie Martin WCBI News.

The annual fundraising campaign was also kicked off during this morning’s breakfast. The goal this year is 200 thousand dollars.

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