Video: Tupelo Film Festival Going Into its 11th Year

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TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) — The annual Tupelo Film Festival gets underway this week. The 11th annual Tupelo Film Festival begins Thursday afternoon. This year, there will be independent filmmakers, actors, directors and producers from all across the country. There are a few changes, the event takes place at Tupelo’s Malco Theater and it is being held a few weeks earlier than usual.

Organizers say they expect big crowds and it’s always a chance for those interested in independent filmmaking to network and make valuable contacts. Plus, it ‘s a chance to showcase indie talent.

“I think with independent films you get to see a story different from Hollywood blockbuster,” said Film Fest Director, Carolyn Parson. “You don’t have a studio telling you which big names to put here and there, you’ve got that creativity from a filmmaker who’s looking at the world more like we do.”

The Film Festival begins Thursday at noon. There will be competition for high school filmmakers on Saturday.

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