Video: Tupelo Students Get an Eye-Opening Lesson About Distracted Driving

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TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) — High School students and community leaders in Tupelo learned about the dangers of distracted driving. AT&T brought a driving simulator to Tupelo High School as part of a campaign to encourage students and other drivers to sign a pledge saying they refuse to text and drive. Participants were able to get into the simulator, and try and text and drive. The simulator measured speed, reaction time and also recorded wrecks and other traffic violations.

“We don’t often realize the danger of that, there’s a lot of campaigns about drinking and driving impaired but distracted driving is similar to impaired driving in that it puts yourself and others at risk on the road.”

“I swerved a couple of times in the road, but I almost rear ended a bus so that kind of threw me off.”

Tupelo High School was the only school in the state to have the A T and T simulator.   Students were also able to get information about an app that lets others know they are driving whenever people text or call.

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