Video: Using the Gridiron for a Good Cause


SMITHVILLE, Miss.  (WCBI) — It’s a cross-county grudge match that gets two small Monroe County towns fired up on Friday nights during the fall. This weekend, some former players relived their Glory Days in the rivalry.

Smithville and Hatley High Schools have waged a a neighborhood rivalry for years.  Saturday, more than 50 alums from both schools put on the pads one more time to raise money for their respective football programs. Each player paid 100 dollars for the right to put on the maroon and white and royal and gold.

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One former Seminole, Jason Miller, who played from 1990-1993 and was a part of Smithville’s first state championship team, was excited about suiting up again.

“I love Smithville. I bleed maroon and white and I get a chance to come back out here and I know I’m almost forty years old, but my wife, my little nephews you know they all want to see me play, so excited to come back out here and do it,” said Jason Miller.

Some of these players may be a little past their prime, but Hatley alum Randall Nevins says the old guys still have it.

“I think I’m in pretty good shape. I’m almost forty years old, but feel pretty good. you know I don’t feel like I’m just out of shape completely, but I guess the age does,” said Randall Nevins.

Showing off for their schools and seeing old friends made the moment more special.

“I like the sport and that’s about it. It’s about Seminoles and it’s something about being a Seminole and football you can’t get away from,” said J.B. Kuykendall.

“Just to come out and have a little fun with it. I love football and anyway you look at it. I just love the sport of football. You know when we got time to get out in the yard and play football that’s what we’re doing,” said Randall Nevins.

Smithville won the first ever alumni battle against Hatley 42-0. As for the players, they hope to continue playing for many years to come. In Smithville, Jonathan Flippo WCBI news.

After expenses, the game raised almost two thousand dollars for the athletic programs.