Video: ‘Ugandan Thunder’ Hits Area Churches

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By Alyssa Martin

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) — More than 20 Ugandan children are touring the United States showcasing their talents and raising awareness about the plight of orphans.

For the next six months, the Ugandan Thunder will be touring 10 states throughout the southeast and Midwest. This weekend, the children’s choir stopped at Tupelo’s West Jackson Street Baptist Church.

All 22 kids and teenagers live in orphanages and go to school as part of a ministry, known as Pennies For Posho.

“Posho is a second cousin to grits. Its corn meal that’s ground up very,very fine into a powder and when they boil it, it becomes very thick and heavy and they slice it off with a saucer and put some beans on top of it and that’s what the children live on,” Pastor Ted Moody said.

Moody helps run the ministry and travels with the group as they spread the gospel and raise money for their orphanages in Uganda.

“We have tracked our children who have been in our choir, this is our eighth year. And the children do very well, it helps them set their goals in life much higher. Once a child sings in our choir they’re scholarshipped for life and as long as they go to school we pick up the tab. We’re so excited, we have one young lady who is graduating with a degree in computer science and we just paid her final semester of college,” he said.

For the youngsters, it is a lot of hard work, but they like traveling across the country and staying in host homes, while proclaiming a life changing message.

What’s been your favorite part?

“Playing basketball, good houses, good roads , in Uganda we don’t have types of houses like this,” said 12 year old Choir Member Nassia Luswata.

“I would like to tell the people that we want them to know Jesus and to worship Him,” said 12 year old Choir Member Zahara Nandabi.

If you would like to know the schedule for the Ugandan Thunder, or how you can help feed orphans, go to

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