Video: A Unique Radio Station Has Been Making Waves On The Air For Over 30 Years

FRENCH CAMP, Miss. (WCBI) – For over 30 years, a one of a kind radio station in French Camp has been making waves on the air.

WFCA is unique in many ways and got started through French Camp Academy.

It’s a Christian radio station that also broadcasts sports, and is the flagship station for East Mississippi Community College football.

That’s just a small part of Jason Crowder’s day at WFCA, the long time radio station based in French Camp, but heard across much of Central Mississippi.

“We of course have our tower in Choctaw County, just south of Stewart, Mississippi. It’s probably about nine miles crow flies from the station, and it’s at the highest point in Choctaw County, so it does help in reaching close to a 100 mile radius, a 100,000 watts of power helps that as well,” says Crowder.

French Camp Academy owns WFCA, which is a supporting arm for the school and community.

“We broadcast obituaries. We still give the local weather. I know some stations still do, but a lot of stations don’t do obituaries. A lot of stations have lost mostly the local feel.”

It got its start in 1984, and its audience has grown more and more each year.

“I think we’re unique in the fact that even though we run satellite programming now, that we didn’t a year and a half ago, we still are local. We still have our students that come in, and they broadcast from 3 to 6 everyday, students from French Camp Academy,” says Crowder.

Freshman Brianna Grice says it’s a privilege to have the chance to work there.

“I have to go through and make sure all of the ads play so people, that’s what they need and all of the songs, and making sure everything is in order to where time won’t run out.”

Brianna’s mom, Shawna, looks after the business side of the broadcaster. She says it’s no secret why WFCA has held on for three decades plus.

“I think it’s our personal touch and our relationship with our listeners, and we get to know them really well. We have a day actually for them to come in and spend  time here with us, to get to know them even better.”

WFCA also broadcasts all of Mississippi State’s athletics, except for women’s basketball.


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