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HOULKA, Miss. (WCBI) -“I do want to come back to school, but I have to go to 3rd grade class over there. I just feel upset.”

Fire breaks out at the Houlka Attendance Center this afternoon. Now students and teachers are wondering if they’ll be able to go back to class next week. Good afternoon everyone. Thanks for joining us. That fire will likely delay the start of school at Houlka Attendance Center in Chickasaw County. Teachers were scheduled to report Friday; students on August 6th.

[WCBI’s Caresse Jackman joins us live from the scene with more.]

Aundrea, the fire broke out this afternoon around 1:30 in the part of the building that housed the Middle School classrooms, the Auditorium, and a Computer Lab. That part of the building is 125 years old. School officials say workers were at the school doing electrical and plumbing work. The school board is meeting right now to discuss a new start date for school.

“It took over an hour to get it all under control. It’s just a total loss as far as this part of this building.”

The State Fire Marshal is working with local investigators to determine the cause of the fire.
Good Evening. I’m Aundrea Self.

The fire that destroyed one building at Houlka Attendance Center apparently began in a classroom.

Construction workers were in the building at the time. Investigators will now begin the interview process, working to determine exactly what happened.

WCBI’S Caresse Jackman live is on the scene where the fire is still smoldering.

“We could see the black smoke. My little daughter took it hard. SO we came down to see what we could do to help.
I just feel upset because my brother’s picture was in there. I’m just upset.”

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