Video: Vietnam Veteran Discusses The Importance of Memorial Day

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Carl Shelton celebrated his memorial day with his wife and children. He was in his mid 30’s when he was sent to Vietnam.

“I served 22 years in the military. I’m proud to say I was part of the Vietnam conflict now, since it’s over. I didn’t particularly want to go. That particular time was when America was a bit opposed to the Vietnam War,” said Carl Shelton.

He remembers the protests and the sounds of war. Looking back now, he’s proud to say he fought bravely for his country.

“Had we not gone over there and protected our freedom, communist was taking over Vietnam and so that was a way of stopping it from spreading and coming to America, which we surely didn’t want,” said Carl Shelton.

It’s an honor his wife Hazel cherishes.

“He’s a wonderful hero in many ways. He’s done so much for our freedom,” said Hazel Shelton.

And she remembers several other heroes she lost protecting our country.

“Some of my family members have passed on in war. I had an uncle passed away in World War II and I had several uncles that were in Vietnam, but I know they did it for our freedom and I’m so thankful for that,” said Hazel Shelton.

Thankful and proud of the countless men and women who have fallen, and for those who are still putting their lives on the line to preserve our American rights.

“Memorial day is a day that we can come out and enjoy that freedom that I helped fight for.  I hope that everybody took the opportunity to get out and enjoy what we have here in America,” said Carl Shelton.

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