VIDEO: West Point Police Department Holds Active Shooter Training Exercise

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI)- An active shooter training class was put on at West Point City Hall Tuesday night.

The training aimed to show civilians how to respond in the event of an active shooter.

With the holiday season here, police said they feel their citizens need the best information to make sure they and their families are safe.

The three key points in Tuesday’s training was avoid, deny and defend.

“Avoid, you want to avoid that position if at all possible. If this person is coming in the back door, you want to go out the front door,” said Kennedy Meaders, assistant police chief with WPD. “Deny, if I get caught in the position where I cant get out, I want to deny him access to the room I’m in. If i’m in a room and he gets in, I want to keep him from harming people in the room. Whatever I’ve to got to pick up in the room to keep him from hurting me or anyone else that’s what I’ll do.

WPD will also host an enhance conceal carry class on December 16th.

The class will allow people to receive an endorsement to go on their gun permit.

The department said the training is their way of winning back trust in the community.

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