Video: “Wings Over Winston” Lands in Louisville

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LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – This weekend, the skies in Louisville will look a little different.

It’s all part of the 2nd Annual Wings Over Winston County Air Show.

If you’re planning on watching this year’s Wings Over Winston Air Show, be prepared for something bigger and better than before.

Last year was the first year for the event and because it was such a hit, organizers are happy to make it a new tradition.

“People really enjoyed it. We had people come out to the airport who had never been here before, they saw what a great facility we have here and we just felt that it was a way to continue to build interest and involvement of the community and our airport,” said airport board president, Mike Forster.

One of the returning crowd pleasers Is the Devil Dog, a world-famousB-25 Bomber that flew in World War II.

“Our sole purpose of the Devil Dog squadron is to keep this Marine B-25, which is called the PBJ alive and keep this history alive,” said Beth Jenkins, the pilot in command of the Devil Dog.

The plane was restored in 1988 and is now showcased around the country in air shows.

“They used to go out at night in the Pacific and they would carry rockets, bombs and could even carry one torpedo and down the ships at night. They were one of the first airplanes to have radar to look for the ships and down the ship. This particular airplane got as far as Hawaii before the war ended,” said Jenkins.

Jenkins says the plane is equipped to carry ten people and can excel to high speeds quickly.

” We’re conservative with it. If we were nose diving down, we could go 300 MPH but we usually keep it around 220 MPH,” added Jenkins.

Today, I got to take flight in the Devil Dog.

This weekend, the Devil Dog will be offering rides to those at the airshow.

The air show is free and open to the public.

The show kicks off at 11:30 at the Louisville Airport.

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