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LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)-The Winston County Sheriff’s department is now offering National Rifle Association Hand Gun course for local residents.

Many in the South know how to shoot a gun, but brushing up on gun safety is never a waste of time. Some Winston County residents spent their day learning gun safety and procedures in order to qualify for carrying permits.

Peggy Miller, says taking this course makes her feel empowered as a woman.

“It makes me feel really good. It’s something that I’ve need to learn for a long time. I do live out in the rural community I live on a farm so I do have wild animals out there,” says Miller.

Peggy says this course not only teaches her the fundamentals of gun safety, but how to make responsible decisions in case of an incident.

“You never know what you’re going to be confronted with and one of the most important things is your learning how to make good decisions and use good judgement in using these fire arms,” says Miller.

Growing up in a home where guns were used often for recreational sports, Jody Fulton says even he is learning new ways to handle a gun.

“Even though you may have been around them all your life like I have you’ve just been taught by what you see from other people and I’ve been here this morning just for two or three hours and I’ve already seen some thing that I never knew about fire arms and I would consider myself, I thought I knew it all,” says Jody Fulton.

No matter how much gun experience you have, Jody says gun safety is the number one priority.

“I just advise anybody if they are interested in having a fire arm they need to go through this course and reassure their self and their family too is very important,” says Fulton.

Winston County Sheriff, Jason Pugh says this course is not only for gun safety, but to update people on the latest gun laws in Mississippi.

“There has been an increase in the confusion level for sure and we answered a lot of questions this morning on the concealed carry permit, enhanced carry to the best of our ability. We talked about the open carry controversy going on in the state of Mississippi so hopefully we’ve cleared up some things for the people here today with us,” says Pugh.

Those who passed the course have up to 90-days to apply for a permit. They can apply for a carry and enhanced carry permits.

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