Video: Winston Med Ctr Construction Plans

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LOUISVILLE, Miss.(WCBI)–The hospital is where the community heads in times of crisis.

But one year ago, it was the hospital in Winston County that found itself at the center of the disaster.

Patients, staff and nearby nursing home residents all had to be moved – and in a hurry.

In spite of challenges, Winston Medical Center CEO Paul Black sees progress every time he looks at construction plans of whats to come.

“This is just something that is just real special. Its very special and we want it to be special not only for our employees but also for the citizens of Winston County and Louisville. We want ti to be special for the residents,” said Paul Black/CEO Winston Medical Center.

After the tornado damaged Winston Medical Center there was a mad dash in securing a mobile emergency room unit, with help from the state establishing a temporary facility, and then a more permanent full service transitional hospital facility on April first. What was adversity is becoming a chance to emerge better than before.

“A real opportunity for Winston Medical Center to make a difference, to redo itself to bring healthcare back to Winston County and Louisville modern. As specially as it relates to our senior care services,” said Paul Black.

And those senior care amenities include senior cottages, and walking track surrounding a small lake.

“In each cottage will have its own dinning room. Its own living room, its own den. Every resident will have a private room. It’ll have its own salon and its own spa area,” said Paul Black.

Of course there’ll be the newly built hospital, an administrative building, plus a clinic; Bids for demolition work at the old site are being taken this week.

“Its going to be new and its going to be something that the people of Winston County are going to be extremely proud of,” said Paul Black.

Tentative completion for construction of the New Winston Medical Center is sometime early in 2018.

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