WCBI Exclusive (Video): A Prostitution Sting Wraps Up In Lowndes County

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – An undercover operation takes down cases of prostitution in our area.

We have an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the unit that made the discovery.

In a community where people know each other: work together, worship together, and send their children to school together, it may be shocking to learn about a prostitution bust.

As we learned this week, undercover agents are working to keep the sex trade out of Lowndes County.

The two week sting is the first of its kind for the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department Narcotics Unit.

“We received some information about some online advertising, and once we got to looking into it, we realized it’s kind of an up and coming thing, and that’s kind of where it started,” says Lowndes County Narcotics Unit Captain Archie Williams.

Tires are always rolling on Highways 45 and 82. They’re a traveler’s crossroads, filled with different walks of live passing through.

Agents say Lowndes County is an easy spot for people from out of town to meet.

“Our undercover agent made contact through an email and an agreement was made, and they actually drove here from where ever they were, in order to meet up with our guy.”

Some of the suspects made the trip from towns as far away as Olive Branch, thinking they were meeting a client. Others are local.

“Everywhere. Everywhere. Anywhere and everywhere. There’s not any certain neighborhood, any certain part of town, any certain hotel, it can happen anywhere.”

Including here, in the parking lot of a local gas station, where we witnessed one bust go down.

A total of three men, four women, and a 16 year-old girl were rounded up during the sting.

“When you make a deal for any sexual act, for either money or property, as the law states, you’re charged with prostitution, which is a misdemeanor actually, it’s not a felony.”

And, desperation may lead to illegal acts.

“Nine times out of ten it is for money. Now, you may have one that has an addiction because a lot of times drugs and prostitution go hand in hand, more of which though, it’s the money.”

If these violators are found guilty, they face up to a $200 dollar fine, or up to six months in jail, or even both.

All of these violators are charged with misdemeanors, prostitution, and solicitation.

Santana N. Griffin – 25-years old

Wahnicia N. Hubbard – 22-years old

Najee R. Fisher – 20-years old

Jefferson R. Sanders – 40-years old

Jana D. Jaggers – 48-years old

Jamie E. Thorsen – 27-years old

Arthur C. Harris Jr. – 26 years-old

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