Wedding bells ringing?

OKTIBBEHA COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- A church used to be where every couple got married, but with new generations, comes new traditions.

A wedding is one tradition that has slowly begun to change.

“Non-traditional seems to be the norm,” said Melissa Holley.

Holley, a teacher and mother, knows just what it’s like to look for a wedding venue in this new generation, and sometimes living in a rural area can make that hard.

But not for Holley.

She said the sights here at home are warm and inviting. It can be the perfect fit for every girls dream wedding.

“You can bring your pastor or whomever to marry you in that ceremony and also have the fellowship,” said Holley. “And this venue you know and wisteria vine did you that capability to be able to do that.”

Years ago, a place of worship was generally the go to place to exchange vows.

“Generations change you know everything’s changed,” said Murphree. “So I guess it’s just a new look.”

Dodson Farms’ co-owner, Kelly Murphree, said helping someone plan their big day no longer has to be a hassle.

With outdoor venues becoming a popular trend, she says her new property could be the perfect fit.

“We decided we needed to do something and make it some type of event place because we didn’t want to tear it down,” said Murphree. “It’s too much sentimental value and so that’s when the wedding ideas came.”

Dodson Farms wanted to make their property one that stands out. What started out as an old dairy farm, quickly became an attractive venue for wedding bells.

A place Holley would think is a perfect fit for a wedding.

“It’s convenient to not have to leave and go do you know someplace or so it really has been a blessing to this rural community,” said Holley.

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