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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)-As technology advances, it is getting harder to inspire children to check books out from local libraries. A local high school is finding new ways to convince students that reading is fun. WCBI’s Heather Black shows us how kids are responding.

The Accelerated Reading program, is one of the ways the West Lowndes High School Librarian is trying to get students to read more books.

“One of my ideas was to do AR with the children. In order to get them to read to develop a love for reading,” says Dr. Sussie Ussery.

Students are evaluated to identify their reading level. Then they earn points for reading books. Dr. Susie Ussery wanted to make the challenge fun. So she opened a store where students can purchase items with their points.

“It kind of brings out the competitive edge in all the students,” says Trenyla Brewer.

“I’m so excited I could hardly sleep last night. I’m excited because the children are excited and they were looking forward to this. Yesterday they kept coming to the library and I just finally had to lock the door so I could get some work done and things setup,” says Dr. Ussery.

The AR store motivates students while showing them how important reading is to developing their minds.

“It’s very important I mean it’s broaden your mind and every person needs to read more often to let you know what’s going on in the economy and everyday life,” says Jermaine Thomas.

“A lot of kids at my age and younger are really not at the reading level that they should be at and it’s very important that they keep on reading because in college that’s all your going to do is read and write,” says Brewer.

Brooke Montgomery was never a book worm, but realized her lack of reading was hurting her school work.

“I like the whole Twilight series. I really have just now gotten into reading because I realized that is hurt me this summer because I don’t usually read, but now I get into it and learn more words and my vocabulary is increasing,” says Brooke Montgomery.

Now Brooke knows there are books in the library for everyone.

“You can always find something interesting in the library. Even if you don’t do AR it’s still important that you read and go to the public library and find at least something that’s interesting to you,” says Montgomery.

The items in the AR store were purchased by Dr. Ussery or donated by local businesses. If you would like to donate items to the AR store just conctact:

Dr. Sussie Ussery

(662) 244-5073 or

West Lowndes High School.


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