West Point Robbery Suspect Sought


WEST POINT, Miss. — Shortly before closing for the night on November 7th, the B-Quik convenience store at the corner of Main and Eshman Street in West Point was robbed. At about 11:20 E911 dispatched officer to that location in reference to a robbery. Offices were already in the immediate vicinity and responded to the location in under two minutes. However the suspect has already fled the scene with an undermined amount of cash.

Two B-Quik employees were on duty at the time of the incident. It was reported to officers that a man entered the store as one of the clerks was behind the counter and the other was in one of the isles. The man, dressed in a camo jacket, blue jeans, gloves and a Halloween mask that resembled a scream mask, shouted to the clerk in the isle and demanded that she go behind the counter. The man reportedly had a large knife in his hand.

Once behind the counter the man told the cashier to open both registers and he took cash from the registers. When the masked man, demanding more money and appearing agitated that one of the registers was nearly empty, came around the counter brandishing the blade both victims fled the store. They ran to the business across the street and called 911.

The robber exited the store behind them and fled east on foot. Because of the mask and gloves the victims were not able to determine if the assailant was black or white but reported that his voice sounded like a black male. They also said he was 5’9 – 6’0 tall and stocky built.

Tim Brinkley said, “I’m thankful that no one was injured in this robbery and I really need our local businesses to take precautions to ensure the safety of their employees leading into the holiday shopping season. There is always an increase in criminal activity associated with the holidays.” This incident is still under investigation and anyone with any information is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers. If your anonymous tip leads to an arrest in this case you may be eligible for up to a $1,000 reward.

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