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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – It was the hit of the book fair when you were a kid.

Who doesn’t enjoy leafing through the Guinness Book of World Records to see the world’s tallest woman, or the guy with the longest fingernails?

Our friends at Guinness recently published their 2014 edition.

Records are made to be broken.

From apple pie eating, 13 in 8 minutes,  to the world’s largest *walking* robot, a dragon that stands a towering 27 feet tall.

There all here, in the freshly printed 2014 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

That’s Happie, the skateboarding goat.

We spoke with local young people about the latest collection of mankind’s greatest achievements.

I asked MS-MS student Matthew Sarpong, ” What about the world’s largest Star Wars memorabilia collection? Would that be something you might want to look at?

He responded, ” Yea, sure.”

I added, ” They’ve got Darth Vader, life sized.”

Matthew replied, ” For real? That’s cool.”

Mississippi University for Women Student Maria Balestrino added,” There was one for the longest kiss held, and it was 2 days, and I just keep picturing people standing with their lips to each other. It’s kind of weird.”

I asked, ” Not a good thing to do in cold and flu season is it?”

Maria answered, ” No, not at all.”

It’s fun to see just what people are capable of, for instance a hundred yard dash, in high heels, in just under 15 seconds.

But most of us wonder if there is a place for us in the Guinness book.

MS-MS student Cortez Thomas says, ” My friends always mess with my ears, say I have small ears, so I might have the smallest ears for a guy.”

I asked, ” The smallest ears in the world?”

Cortez answered, ” Not in the world. I don’t know, maybe I could.”

Nathan Bickford chipped in, “I might could take a shot at playing the piano the longest, something like that.”

MUW freshmen Shaquil Glass added, ” Maybe the world’s longest basketball shot.”

I asked, “Really, you think you could hit it?”

Shaqil responded, “Probably.”

I asked MS-MS Milton Lewis, ” What about the worlds longest fingernails? If you get started right now, by the time you are 40, you could have them?”

He responded, ” It’s possible.”

Some records take time.

Others are a birthright, witness Millie, at 3.8 inches long, the world’s smallest dog.

Whatever the record, if its worth having, like the worlds largest motorcycle, it’s listed in the Guinness Book.

The Guinness book is distributed in more than 100 countries and translated into 20 languages.

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