Winston co. Juneteenth celebration highlights black-owned businesses

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Juneteenth is being celebrated across the country today.

Folks in Louisville hosted an event for black business owners to showcase their work in the community.

Community members gathered in the Louisville Coliseum to acknowledge history and celebrate those making a difference.

“It’s just like an overwhelming feeling,” Twyla Turner, owner of Twyla T. Presents and event coordinator, said.

Winston County celebrated Juneteenth with an event that showcased African American-owned businesses. Event coordinator and local business owner, Aleisha Bender, believes the event brings unity to the community.

“I think it’s important so that people can really get a true understanding of history and a true understanding of why Juneteenth is celebrated. And, just to kind of know your history and your background,” Bender said.

Juneteenth has been celebrated in Louisville for many years. But this year, local businesses shared their merchandise and a variety of other products.

“Back in the days, you know, people weren’t able to do this kind of things and as you can see, people are coming in and driving by and you know sharing the love and that means a lot to me,” Mione Nicholson, owner of Hot Spot 827, said.

While this event may be special to locals who are coming in a participating, minority business owners say that this event is just that much more significant, because of the holiday.

“Juneteenth represents freedom. We have the freedom to run a business as black women,” Adasia Kincaid, an employee of Love my Skin, said. “So I think that’s very important and it’s exciting at the same time because, at one point in time, we couldn’t have done this. And we can do it today.”

On several booths, there was clothing, decor, or cosmetics some even hand-crafted by the vendors.

However, the overall goal was to educate participants on what Juneteenth is, what it means, and how the community stands together.

“I think it’s just good for people to actually research and find out what Juneteenth is really about. You know, of course, we celebrate it just like we do other holidays but actually understand what we’re celebrating and what the meaning behind Juneteenth really is about,” Bender added.

A total of 40 vendors signed up to participate in the event and dozens of community members came out to enjoy the festivities.

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