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PONTOTOC, Miss. (WCBI)-A furniture manufacturing course in Pontotoc has been going strong for years, but that could change.

Then furniture manufacturing instructor Barry Reeder started out there were four places to be trained in the industry.

And now Pontotoc Ridge Career And Technology Center is the only one of its kind left in the state that trains teenagers at the high school level.

“Some of the projects we started out with a blueprint where they learn to read the drawings and make sure that they get their measurements right when they cut it,” said Barry Reeder, manufacturing Technology Instructor.

“Oh God, help me, and then I got use to it after awhile  though,” said Tamorious Donaldson, Technology Student.

“We made a foot stool, we made a child’s chair, and we’re making a full size chair,” said Jenna Heard, Technology Student.

Its a two year course that has funding for at least one more year.

The first year beginners are hard at work on putting together straight back frames, the second year is spent doing more detailed projects.

“Ladies learn to cut the frames and gentlemen get to learn to do a little sewing so key, each student gets some basics of all the furniture industry,” said Reeder.

By the time student leave the shop they are prepared, they sometimes land a job working at nearby furniture companies.

“Ashley, Genesis, Southern Motion,” added Reeder.

“I never really learned how to build furniture until now. I think its kind of fun. You can learn new things,” added Heard.

According to Reeder, there are over five thousand manufacturing jobs on the stretch of Highway 15 from Pontotoc to Ecru.


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  • Barry Reeder

    Thank you to WCBI for attention that they have given my classes!!!

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