Video: Sturgis Police Chief Removed & Officers Resign

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4 Responses

  1. The Truth says:

    Ms. Culpepper, I assume 11 years isn’t experience to you? If Chief Hutchinson was a “bad choice” please provide your evidence as to his job performance showing that “bad choice”. This is nothing more than small town politics. Everyone wants to use their “family name” or influence to break, or bend the law for themselves or threaten the Chief if he doesn’t enforce that same law to their neighbor. The law is the law that he and every police officer is sworn to uphold, regardless who the law breaker is. Search public records of your newly elected alderman and you will see what sparked this. One of your elected Aldermen was arrested by a Sturgis Police Officer for DUI and when the Chief refused to have his officer let him go after the Alderman threated him, the Alderman vowed to have the Chief removed from office. I am glad to see he is being removed for doing the “right” thing, rather than letting political pressure force him to let the alderman go and them killing someone while driving intoxicated. Good Job Chief!

  2. Fred Grammer says:

    This just shows how blind lady justices is in this area. People want the police when they are in need and when themselves are doing bad they don’t want the police. Chief Hutchinson has been in Sturgis all his life and wanted nothing more than a professional police department. Chief Hutchinson bent over backwards to help the people in the community. Chief always advised us to not set up check points during the liquor store hours so it would not cause problems for the stores business. The good people of Sturgis better wake up and take part in the town before it get run down into the ditch with the drunks.

  3. christy Livingston says:

    I was born and raised there also my baby brother was one of those that turned his badge in. If anything happens to somebody there it can take 10 mins to an hour for someone to respond
    The town of sturgis has bad choice for mayor and alderman.

  4. Gail Culpepper says:

    They just need to select the proper person for The Police Chief. One that has experience and they need to pay him well. Leadership and trust is the key to a small town. Sturgis is a good place to live.

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