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The career of a Lee County lawmaker hangs in the balance after his indictment on embezzlement charges.

District 17 State Representative Brian Aldridge and his parents, Louis and Joyce Aldridge are all accused of taking money from the account of Brian Aldridge’s aunt Joyce Aldridge.

Attorney General Jim Hood pursued the criminal charges following the end of a civil trial in which it was discovered nearly 700 thousand dollars in cash and property from Joyce Aldridge’s accounts had been disposed of while Louis Aldridge held power of attorney . Some of that money went to Touched By An Angel Ministries,which was a camp for disabled children run by the lawmaker. The judge in the civil case ruled Brian Aldridge had to repay more than 218 thousand dollars and Touched by an Angel was ordered to repay 140 thousand dollars that Louis Aldridge had shifted into ministry checking accounts.


If he is convicted, Brian Aldridge must resign his position in the Legislature.

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