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Blue Springs, MS (WCBI) Two years ago, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi began production at its plant in Blue Springs. Since then, the automaker has produced the best selling car worldwide and as WCBI’s Allie Martin reports, the 2014 Corolla has a new look and many added features.

The media day began with a tour of the 2 million square foot plant and the first television news interview with the new Vice President of Administration at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi.

“We have to be brilliant at the basics, we have to continue to grow and develop our team members in the Toyota Way and practice those principles to make sure we’re building the top quality vehicle in the U.S.”

Throughout the plant tour we saw first hand how the Toyota Way works. Every piece of equipment has its place, each team member has a specific role and there are numerous quality checks built into the assembly process. In fact, a new Corolla comes off the line every 77 seconds.

“We can’t build enough of them now, which is a good problem to have.”

After the plant tour we were brought out back to the mile long test track to see the new model Corolla in action. Throughout every shift, cars are brought out here at random to make sure they’re meeting Toyota’s high quality.

It’s the 11th generation Corolla , I think the biggest change point for here from styling perspective, they’ve really increased the character lines of the vehicle, added LED lights.”

The engine has been modified to make the 2014 Corolla more energy efficient, there is also 4 more inches of interior room and a new instrument panel.

Burroughs says producing the most popular car in the world comes with its challenges.

“The challenge is always , trying to keep up with best quality we have, technology keeps continuing to improve and one of the fundamental principles of Toyota is built in quality , with ownership, we all come together from manufacturing, all the way from the team member , and include everybody in the development of our vehicles, in the early stage. “

That emphasis on quality and efficiency among all team members produces more than 700 Corollas each day, from this plant




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